Morticia F. Addams
Posting lovely and obscene pictures for your adoration and amusement.
  • This,this shit right here, was one of the most amazing moments of my life. I touched where Carolyn Jones touched. 

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  • Visited a friend of mine who own a copy(s) of the original The Addams Family script!! It was so surreal to read through. I like to think one of the actors touched it hehehe 

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  • hannahbliss:

    Eli has green and red eyes!

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    Hello darlings! Follow my personal tumblr for cool pictures and art! I don’t get many notes……
    LOVE YOU! Sorry I don’t post as much! Winter is my Addams season ;D

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  • What does The Addams Family smell like?


    • Gomez: Cigar smoke, and tacos. 
    • Morticia: Dead roses, Quagmire #13, and Gomez
    • Fester: Rotten eggs, general mustiness, and the ghetto
    • Lurch: Cellery.
    • Ma-ma- Old people, denture cream, witch artifacts, and potions
    • Pugsley - Candy, mashed potatoes, and gravy
    • Wedesday - Morticia, animals (livestock,) cats, reptiles, and gunpowder
    • Thing - Nail polish remover
    • Cousin Itt - Conditioner


    • Gomez- Cigars, aftershave, and ink
    • Morticia - Cinnamon, conservatory, and that lingering perfume stain smell….. 
    • Fester - Formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, and musty treehouse. 
    • Lurch - DUST and piano. (don’t deny it has a smell)
    • Ma-ma - Old dust, arsenic (almonds), and stale crackers. 
    • Pugsley - Black licorice and beef jerky. 
    • Wednesday - Attic and lavender 
    • Thing - Sheetrock mud, because he plays in the walls. 
    • Itt - Straw and wet-dog

    Who guessed it better? Cast your votes NOW!!!!

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  • kookyisthenewblack:

    Addams family house

    Reblogging for when I get my macbook with Sims 3 or 4. I have played with all kinds of characters and the Addams were always the most fun! Esp with the Supernatural expansion pack! :D
    Can’t wait to build the house! 

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